Jan 9-10 Public Speaking Course

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Jan 9 (SAT)- Jan 10 (SUN)

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Jan 9-10 Public Speaking Course


John Bowe

美国知名作家约翰·鲍现任美国私人与大型企业公开演讲咨询顾问,1月9-0号将在synking开展为期两天的“演讲的秘诀”大师班。想要提升演讲沟通表达能力的小伙伴们,赶快报名吧!约翰·鲍是美国著有《我有话要说》的获奖作家。他是企业和私人公开演讲的咨询顾问。他的作品发表于《纽约客》,《纽约时报》,《GQ》,《McSweeney’s》,《这样的美国生活》等知名期刊和杂志。他合作撰写了《当美国人谈论他们的工作》,编写了《当美国人谈论爱》,独立创作了《当今美国劳工制度与全球新经济体制的黑暗面》。他纪实报道饥荒和贫穷相关的社会问题并获得很多业界的奖项包括 the J. Anthony Lukas Work-in-Progress Award,the Hillman Prize,the Richard J. Margolis Award 和 the Harry Chapin Media Award。

About the course

Class 1: Learn Aristotle’s 3 principles of language theory. Students will now have a simple template for approaching every speech and preparation. This is the most useful thing you will ever learn in your entire education.

Whether you’re preparing for a real speech, presentation, or job interview, or working from an assignment we’ll give you, you will learn the first steps of speech preparation:

How to think about your audience

How to define your purpose for talking to them

How to properly choose and frame your topic

How to organize your speech

Class 2: Practice rehearsal to see how your speech connects with a live audience. Class will evaluate each participant to reinforce understanding of the principles we learned in Class 1.

From here we will explain the basics of how to write and deliver your speech:

How to write an introduction and conclusion

How to use data, examples, demonstrations

How to use your body, voice, and visual aids to reinforce your message.