Synking 取意Syncing+Thinking, 致力于有深度的内容分享和高质量的知识社交。 






Synking 由纽约One Culture Foundation基金会 支持。

Synking, coming from “Syncing + Thinking”, synchronizes perspectives and opinions of people from all over the world in different fields. It is a new type of social platform based on online knowledge sharing and networking.

Here you will meet elite scholars from top universities such as Harvard, MIT, UPenn, Columbia, scientists from cutting-edge research laboratories, creative entrepreneurs and engineers from Silicon Valley, and artists from RISD, RCA, etc. Synking is aimed to break the walls between different fields, to connect elites from different places, and to promote the dialogue between them.

Our topics cover Science, Humanities, Education, Business. 

Join us to discover more interesting topics and to network with new people.

​Synking is supported by One Culture Foundation.

Our story







2020 is a year of global disasters, and it is also a year when online conferences become such popular. It provides people more opportunities to exchange ideas around the world.

The "Knowledge Exchange" Wechat group was established in March 2020. The original community was composed of alumni and scholars from Harvard, MIT, Yale, Columbia, UPenn, and RISD. At first, the community was to enrich everyone's life trapped at home during the pandemics. Every month, we invited friends from different fields to share interesting opinions and knowledge.

Synking is born as the community keeps growing.
We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation for the support from those whom contributed to our group in the past. Synking would not have been possible without your willingness to share.