Synking - www.synking.org was established in NYC and is committed to building an influential English- Chinese knowledge community and elite networking platform.

We deliver frontier information and in-depth perspective all over the world on a wide range of topics in science, humanities, education, finance, entrepreneurship, etc. And we cultivate a high-quality community for cross-domain communication with Chinese alumni from world-renowned universities such as Harvard, Yale, MIT, CMU, Stanford, Cambridge, RISD, RAC, Tsinghua University, Peking University, University of Tokyo, etc.

Synking is supported by  One Culture Foundation.

Synking  成立于美国纽约,依靠丰富强大的知识资源与人脉,搭建有影响力的中英文知识社群与精英社交平台。


我们关注人文艺术、科技创新与商业的前沿资讯与跨领域的交流。 在这里,有哈佛、耶鲁、MIT、CMU、斯坦佛、剑桥、RISD、RAC、清华、北大、东京大学等世界知名学府的校友,有科学家、企业家、艺术家、投资人等不同领域的精英与行业领袖。 目前的板块内容涵盖科学、人文、教育、金融、创业等主题。



Synking 由纽约One Culture Foundation基金会 支持。

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